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Thursday, 23 February 2012

Tiger's Soup

This week I will share, 'Tigers Soup' story with my students.

Characters: Tiger, Spider and Monkeys

Setting: Jungle

Student participation:
1. Act out the characters
2. Help with the singing
3. Make animal sounds
4. Use of puppets and stuffed animals


Librarians report for the month of February

Librarians report for the month of February

Thank you so much for supporting the Book Fair and for participating in the coffeehouse.  February was 'I Love Reading' month and our students gave awards to books. Please ask your child about the Mouse Match story.  We sang rhymes such as Hungry, Hungry I am so hungry; I can eat 16 bananas and a purple plum. Please encourage your children to make their own rhymes by using the starter words, Hungry, Hungry I am so hungry. On February 15th we celebrated the National Flag Day of Canada. Ashmina Sumaru from Centre from Race and Culture did a presentation about the story of Canada.  I have posted notes about the library class on the following page.

In March, I will focus on the following.

·      March 1: Dr. Seuss birthday celebration

·      March 3: Hina-matsuri Japanese Doll Festival

·      March 4 - 10: Tech Week

·      March 6: Holi Festival of Colors
·      March 7: World Read Aloud Day

·      March 8: International Women's Day

·      March 20-21: World Storytelling Day  (Theme: Trees. This celebration is a global celebration of the art of oral storytelling)

·      March 23: Careers: What would you like to work as?

·      March 24: International Adult Literacy Week

·      March 26: Poet Robert Frost's birthday

·      March: Nutritional Literacy Alphabet Soup program

·      March: Magazines, Books made into movies and Mystery books 

I am looking for parent 'Reading Mentors' role models. I would like to invite you to come and read to students. If you would like to give ten minutes a month then please contact me at the school or by email at

Manisha Khetarpal

Sunday, 19 February 2012

Tuesday, 7 February 2012

The story of Canada presentation and group activities

Guest Presentation by Ashima on February 7th from 2:15-3:15 pm

Engagement: Where are you from?

We created Canada in 1867 and people came from different places.  FNs people were already living here before 1867.

Activity 1: Keep the circle strong activity

Keep the circle strong.

Debrief: Was it fair? One circle of people and they are close together and it is hard to join the circle because they are friends. They made a tight circle.  We get scared if other people like t to come in. Who made the rules? Who followed the rules? Why did people not ask to change the rules?

Why did we not ask Jordan to get in the circle?  If people look different, do things which are different, let's talk to them. They are good people.

Activity 2: Group formation  No talking.  Put sticker on your forehead. You have to find a person with a same sticker like you.   Al the reds have to be together all the yellows have to be together, all the blues together, all the greens together?

Tyson pulled me in.

Why only 2 in yellow?

How does it feel to be part of green group?  Funny, cool.  There's more people. 

Are your friends in another group? Yes. Has anything changed?  My friendship circle.  Think of ways to get into your group?

Activity 3: What can we do to get more people to join our group?   (Small group activity)

Yellow-Gold: They will buy anything they want to get people to join the group
To threaten them to join

Blue group:  Do you want to trade partners with another group?

Green group:  We will offer something to join our group? Your friends are in this group?

Red group:  Trade stickers, give them markers, color stickers, Steal stickers, invite them to join the red group.

What do you the best group could be?
Green: Because it matches trees and money
Gold: Sun. We cannot live without the sun?

Regrouping: 1,2,3,4, and 5.  Write story of Canada in 5 stickies; You can draw pictures or a sentence or a word.

·      FNs people came first to Canada
·      Fur traders came
·      Frenchmen came and named Canada with a d
·      Pioneers came in boats
·      When people came first they called FN people Indians because they were on their route to India.

Before 1967 not just anyone could come to Canada

1923-1947:  No Chinese people allowed

before 1963: Non-white kids were allowed  to be adopted

Policies to keep certain people in and certain people out.  All our families have a story and my family story is not there in that textbook.  You can ask questions. How come my people are not their in Canada?

We are scared of other people and we don't want outsiders to come in. 

Our textbook does not do a good job of covering cultures.   The teacher said that in her school the textbooks only covered Europeans.  What happens if you only learn about your own culture?   

What's missing and whose stories are not being told.   It is good to understand everyone's story.