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Thursday, 19 July 2012

July 18: Third week of TDSRC

Over 157 people and five community partners worked together to keep the children and youth engaged on July 18 at the Ermineskin Elementary School in Hobbema.  Filmmakers Zoe and Bailey screened Prairie Tales and shared the process of making films, Centre for Family Literacy brought the Community Literacy Classroom on Wheels (COW bus) to the FNs community, Merv Leibel from Alberta Health Services participated by bring nutritional literacy quiz and games.

Filmmakers Zoe and Bailey started with asking the question, What is a film? What is a documentary? What do you need to get started? An idea and a camera. You can use an I phone? The more you practice the better you become.  Do you have a story? Brainstorming. What is brainstorming? Thinking. Think for a minute something you think will be interesting. The story can be sad or action or yellow feather on a journey.

Really important part is the characters. People, animals, and make believe creatures. They showed a movie of a dog as a main character chasing the butterflies. You can use a toy as a favorite character. You can catch yourself in the movie.  Then, the next step in the process was script writing.  Zoe and Bailey showed a documentary film for each step of the film making process.

Families and children visited the COW Bus and picked up ideas to create literacy materials from things in and around their house.

Watch the FNs community seeing displays, presentations, portion size and food groups on a Frisbee plate, and participating in games about healthy eating as facilitated by Merv Leibel from Alberta Health Services.

Grandparents’ connection with TDSRC

Free books distribution (Access)

(Thank you libraries in Alberta)

Students and visitors are making friendship envelopes

Boys are enjoying using computers

Youth volunteer

Students coloring the TDSRC posters

Students making bookmarks

Origami creations

Reading together, browsing and recommendations