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Tuesday, 30 October 2012

Thank you book fair gift certificate donor's

Councillor Samuel Minde, Scholastic, Intellimedia, and Family Literacy program donated gift certificates for families to buy books at the book fair.

Vocabulary development activities using cereal boxes

Mrs. Millie used cereal boxes to teach students to expand their vocabulary using print material in and around the house.

Mrs. Millie's Cat's position concept activity

Mrs. Millie combined cats and file folders and created a position concept activity.

A-Z literacy cards

Ms. Millie is sharing and giving us information about A-Z literacy cards.  Card B stands for Blue and find a book about something blue.

Monday, 29 October 2012

DEAR time 4C class, October 22 at the library

Drop Everything and Read time at the library celebrated by 4C teacher and students during the School Library month celebration. Students read for fifteen minutes in the library and then went to their classroom and wrote whatever thoughts which came top of mind for five minutes about the pages they read. Mr. Currie is a very creative teacher and uses 'I PICK' method of encouraging his students to select books during the library class.

Spiders fact books and novel study collection

 Ms. Erin Joseph is informing us about the rationale for the spider display when we toured her classroom.  Two Grade 3 teachers, Ms. Chief and Ms. Joseph in their knowledge exchange came up with spiders idea using pipecleaners, beads and styrofoam balls. Spider activity wrapped up the end of the Charlotte's web novel study.
  Library provide spider facts books and copies of Charlotte's web novel study collection.

Thank you teacher Ms. Suzette for playing the piano

Family night shoppers at the Book Fair October 25

Friday, 26 October 2012

AR reading coach at the book fair

Libraries Connect with Book Fair draws

Announcing Book Fair draw winners

Family event draws
Tryon Simon 4E
Zade Smallboy Zorthian 5S
(Thank you Scholastic and Councilor Samuel Minde for donating the prizes)
(80 ballots filled by a family member at the book fair.)

Student draws
Lathaniel Rabbit 3/4M
Odessa Mackniaw 4E
Allen Firingstoney 3/4M
Ken Moonias 6K
(Thank you Intellimedia for donating the prizes)
(178 reading slips filled by students. Students like books which are funny, true stories, hockey, animal and learn to draw and make things.)

Teacher draw
Suzette Jeremiah
(Thank you Scholastic for donating the prizes.)
(6 ballots)

Draws conducted by Ms. Doris Auger on October 26.

Thank you everyone for promoting reading.