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Thursday, 22 March 2012


Poem: Spin, Spider, Spin

Spin, spider, spin!
Spin your web round and wide
Spin your silky web with pride
Greet the guests who come inside.
Spin, spider, spin!

by Meish Goldish

Story: Tiger's Soup

Activity: Print Spiderweb Wheel Pattern from 'Perfect Poems for teaching phonics: delightful poems, lively lessons, and reproducible activities that teach key phonic skills and concepts by Ellermeyer, Deborah

Connections: Greek, African, and American Indian

Greek connection: Arachnid comes from a Greek weaving story of Arachne; how the greek doddess Athena converted Arachne into a spider

African tales: Anansi

American Indian Significance: In many American Indian stories spiders is a wise female, creative and has patience

Legend: Spider a strong symbol of the Osage people

Many years ago the Osage chief was looking for a symbol for a tribe. One day he saw tracks of the deer and he was following the deer and was fascinated by the animals speed. On the way he met a spider and chatted with the spider and told him he was looking for a symbol for his tribe.  The spider told him and convinced the chief to make Spider the symbol because spiders spin webs and make everything come to them. And taught the chief that his people could follow the same strategy.


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