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Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Librarians Report for the month of April

Dear Parents and Grandparents,


Giller Prize finalist Author Marina instructed budding student writers at our school about how to get their work published on March 28.

We celebrated Earth Day.  Our students planted spruce trees. We read books about trees. Ask your children about crown, trunk and roots.  We learned learning strings such as changing words in a poem, writing names of seeds such as acorn, lifecycle of a tree and trees give us.  Ask your children about other words for big.

Days to remember:

·        April 26: Poem in Your Pocket Day

·        May 1: Mother Goose Day

  ·        May 5: Comic Book Day

·        May 11: Bird Day

·        May 15: UN International Family Day

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I look forward to answering questions about your child's library program.

Manisha Khetarpal

·        May 23-24: Make Puppets