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Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Week 5: August 15: Leaf impressions and popsicle sticks crafts

Week 5: August 15

Participants created headdress, puppets with leaves and leaf impressions, a book of adventures with popsicle sticks, abstract circular design with crayons and black paint, book marks, popsicle tick creations, etc.


Leaf impressions with oil pastels and crayons


Popsicle stick crafts

Ms. Wildcat’s book made with popsicle sticks

Student is making a raft



Leaf stick puppet



Crayons and black paint creations


Students reading facts about animals


Playing with puppets


Puppets browsing books



Paper chains


Making cards for mom


Computer time is like treats


Arts and crafts gathering area


Sticker ice creams


Sticker necklace and streamers


Paper boats


Freehand drawing


Dot painting







We love reading


Students are taking home books