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Saturday, 8 December 2012

White Oak Elementary School library hosted Bedtime Stories, the annual Family Reading Night event

The White Oak Elementary School library looked enchanted from the outside while the inside felt cozy and intimate. District 54 Librarian Marnie Garcia hosted Bedtime Stories, the annual Family Reading Night event on Thursday, Nov. 14, 2012.   
Students from District 54 were invited to spend the evening in the library with their parents and siblings celebrating time spent reading together. Everyone was encouraged to wear their PJs to the event.

The enchanted night started as participants walked into the library. Each child who entered the doors received a unique number printed on a golden star, which they were to keep with them throughout the evening. Once the star was in hand, participants were off to find just the right seat to listen to Garcia read two picture books to the crowd.

Once the crowd of parents and children had settled into every available nook of the library, Garcia introduced herself. Of course, the children who attend White Oak Elementary school felt like the already knew Mrs. Garcia. Well … they were WRONG!

Garcia told the crowd of her younger days, spent in the library at the school where her mother worked. The librarian at this school took the time to get to know the young Mrs. Garcia, learning her favorite genre of books, her favorite author and even her favorite characters. This particular librarian, whose name was not mentioned, helped to instill the passion Garcia has for books and reading.
After the heartfelt introduction, the reading began. A silence fell over the enchanted library as the words from "PSSSSSST! It's Me … the Bogeyman," by Barbara Park filled the air. While the title of this book may turn some off, the "Bogeyman" in this book happens to be quite hysterical and truly harmless.