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Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Big Book Storytime

I had a wonderful time at Campbell Elementary School, presenting The Big Book Story Time: Little Cornbread Girl. Grades kindergarten through second grade attended the presentation. The story time was creative and interactive. Before my visit I supplied the teachers with the mask and sack puppets patterns, and the children used them at the story time. Later we compared the Cornbread Girl with the Gingerbread Boy, the students had really good thoughtful questions and answers. My hat goes off to the teachers at Campbell Elementary school.
To see pictures of the school visit, go to my site at, and visit us on our Facebook page.
I have a great big book of the Little Cornbread Girl. During story time, the students help me tell the story with the mask and sack puppets they made from the puppet patterns from the story (dog, cow, pig, horse, fox).

Bake some gingerbread or cornbread and turn the baking time into a math lesson (youth 6-12). Math is incorporated by measuring and using portion sizes of the ingredients used to make the gingerbread and cornbread. With the older youth, have them compare and contrast both stories using the Venn diagram method.