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Monday, 10 March 2014

Story competition for youth

What would the world be like if the Normal Curve had never been discovered?
Submit your story for a chance at $3500 in cash prizes!


Spring Youth Prize: $500 (Submissions due by June 1, 2014)

Summer Youth Prize: $500 (Submissions due by October 1, 2014)

Winter Youth Prize: $500 (Submissions due by December 1, 2014)

Grand Prize: $2000 (Submissions due by December 15, 2014)

Open to All Types of Storytellers

Whether you are the next George Lucas, James Cameron, or more prone to prose, we know that you might have a story worth sharing. Enter into the category which best suits your work.

Team submissions are allowed (and encouraged)!

The competition will be administered by the the Fields Institute for Research in Mathematical Sciences' MathEd Forum in partnership with Vretta Inc., a Toronto-based educational media studio.