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Thursday, 26 July 2012

Week 4: July 25: Animal facts brochures, leaf prints, write a letter to friends, make door knobs, and family hands

Week 4: July 25
Animal facts brochures or posters, Leaf prints and impressions, Friendship letters, Family hands, and Door knobs were the key activities for Week 4 of TDSRC. Plus the usual of taking books home to strat home libraries (Thank you First Books Canada), playing computer and board games, students made bookmarks and words, reading to puppets and playing with puppets, coloring posters and of course reading books.
Animal facts brochures or posters created by students
Leaf prints and impressions
Friendship letters
Family hands
Door knobs
Free books for FN children by First Books Canada
Computer lovers
Students are making bookmarks
Students are making words
Students are playing with Board Games
Students are reading to puppets and playing with puppets
Students colored posters
We love reading