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Thursday, 5 July 2012

July 4: First week of TDSRC

An afternoon of rain and thunderstorms did not stop children from participating in the TDSRC; Students read books to self and with families and to puppets. They participated in the following   activities: magnetic poetry, made book brochures (Characters, settings, favourite words), a page for My Preferred Book project, painted TDSRC posters using water paint and markers, visited the club website and used the code on the stickers to read silly stories, jokes and play games plus draw fun stuff.  Each student took home books to set up their home library.  Thank you TD Financial, libraries and librarians for donating weeded books and for promoting reading.

View pictures at

Building a home library:

Creating a book brochure shows comprehension skills:

Imagine you are an artist, students painting using water colors, felt markers and pastels and exploring colors and artist tools:

Families reading together and reading for the fun:

Watch our puppets browsing books: