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Monday, 4 March 2013

Trees for Life and “Grow-a-Tree” Kits

Fun, hands-on, environmental education experience designed for students in Kindergarten to Grade Six, the Grow-a-Tree Project is a unique classroom activity that introduces young students to important grade-appropriate topics in science, ecology, social and environmental studies. The program consists of two parts: During the hands on component, students have an opportunity to plant, germinate and grow their own tree seedling. The accompanying grade-appropriate workbook provides children with a wealth of activities and information, presented in a fun, "comic-book" format that is as fun as it is educational.

"Grow-a-Tree" Kits

Each kit includes:

    • Teacher's manual (Grades K-6) with lessons and comprehensive activity guide outlines where the activities can fit into standard curriculum categories, as well as ideas for extending each activity and assessment rubrics to help measure student achievement.
    • Grade specific student activity books for each student that make learning fun
    • Biodegradable planting cartons for each student to plant his or her own tree
    • Tree seeds according to your geographic region

Available at $3.00 per student (Trees for Life Canada is a not for profit organization run strictly with the help of volunteers) Our shipping is $15 flat rate so you can order for as many classes as you want in your school.