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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

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Coding the Text – The first part of an Action Phase Strategy

Crissa Hill
April 19, 2013—I have been most often frustrated as an educator when I have assigned reading to a class and have shown up the next day, ready to engage in the material... More

Concept attainment: An activating strategy

Crissa Hill
April 11, 2013—Concept attainment games are excellent at activating students’ minds and orienting them toward learning. Why? Because everything they can tangibly experience is a concept. In fact, concepts are the building... More

Making it happen: cultural awareness in education

Sharon Meyer (Laflamme)
April 11, 2013—When I was a young educator teaching in a Catholic School I was expected to teach about the Byzantine Ukrainian rites. OMG! It was a personal challenge but, rather than... More

Creating Structure

Crissa Hill
March 28, 2013—In the classroom, the choices we make about how to introduce and teach a topic greatly influence the outcome. We all remember lessons that seemed to work flawlessly and others... More

The Instructional Journey

Crissa Hill
March 13, 2013—Differentiation operates with an understanding that although a group of students may be in front of us learning about the same topic at the same time, they do not all... More

Honoring murdered and missing Aboriginal women in the classroom

Sherryl Maglione
March 12, 2013—For example, the students will read about the Helen Betty Osborne story by reading the non-fiction text, Conspiracy of Silence, (McLelland & Stewart, 1989) written by Lisa Priest. They will... More

Medicine Wheel Teachings in the Saskatchewan Curriculum

Sharon Meyer (Laflamme)
March 11, 2013—In my current position I am often invited into the classroom to assist, teach, or model knowledge about First Nation Worldview. There are many models, images, and teachings of the... More