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Monday, 6 May 2013

National Youth Arts Week is May 1-7

Why is National Youth Arts Week important?

We know that the primary source of optimism and hope for our nation's future is our youth. We also know that community based creative activities represent one of the oldest and most universally appealing opportunities for youth engagement available to Canada's young people.

This is why the Arts Network for Children and Youth believes that every youth, regardless of their gender, ethnicity, geographic location or socio economic status should have equal access to creative activities, both in and outside of school.

Art, in its widest definition, encompasses a diverse spectrum of youth engagement opportunities, from carpentry to community gardening, culinary arts to theatre. By meeting youth where they are and encouraging them to focus on their strengths and capitalize on their interests and skill sets through creative pursuits, we ensure their freedom to explore pathways away from detrimental behavior and toward the development of self esteem, leadership, civic engagement and healthy life choices.

National Youth Arts Week is an opportunity for youth across the country to engage in creative expression, to feel valued, and to have their voices heard on the national stage. It is an opportunity to demonstrate the power of youth to transform their lives through art, and in turn transform our country, and indeed the world.