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Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Indigo Adopt a School

It would be great if you and all the teachers in your school went online and
adopted Ermineskin at <>

Students, parents and friends can do the same, and promoting the campaigbn on personal Facebook
and Twitter pages is also helpful. The text I used as my own status was "My
store is raising $12 000 for the Ermineskin Elementary School library.
Please go to and adopt
Ermineskin (it costs you nothing and Indigo will donate one book for every
fifty adoptions) or buy a $25 gift certificate (and Indigo will donate one
book for every e-card sold)."

There is also a contest that your school can enter at . Here you can tell the story of
your library and win up to $10 000 for the school.

It would be great if some of the kids could draw pictures or write letters
about books they want to read.


Chris Allen
Customer Experience Manager
Indigo South Common # 290
Edmonton, Alberta

The Indigo Love of Reading Foundation provides new books and learning
materials to high-needs elementary schools. Donate or join our online
petition at