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Monday, 17 September 2012

Indigo's Adopt a School

We're four days away from the official kick-off of Adopt-A-School, and our staff is really excited! We'll be doing our first bake sale on Saturday, and we'd be happy to have extra participants if anyone from your school wants to contribute (or purchase)!

This is my first big Love of Reading event, but my more senior colleagues have assured me that the key to a successful campaign is school involvement. Everyone should be able to go online and adopt your school at and for every fifty adoption Indigo will donate a book. There will shortly be a link to purchase online gift certificates as well, with a large part of the proceeds going to the adopted school.

In addition, we're running a gift basket draw and penny and bottle drives, as well as casual days and staff dressup days. Customers who contribute will be able to write their name on a card to acknowledge their generosity. It would be great if Ermineskin students could draw pictures or write letters telling us and our customers about their favourite books. I believe Jackie has already contacted you about photos and permission slips so we could post images of students on Facebook.

We're marshalling all our resources for this fundraiser, but I'd love to have your input if you have additional suggestions!

Hope the school year is going well so far,

Chris Allen
Customer Experience Manager
Indigo South Common # 290
Edmonton, Alberta

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