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Monday, 24 September 2012

New books and resources added to the library collection

New books and resources added to the Ermineskin Elementary School library collection

1. Brand new page by Tony Davis
2. Monster Jokes by Michael Pellowski
3. Rocks and Minerals by Edward Ricciuti
4. Night sky by Gary Mechler
5. Tigers at twilight by Mary Pope Osborne
6. Monster blood for breakfast by R.L.Stine
7. Ghosthunters and the incredibly revolting ghost by Cornelia Funke
8. There's a wocket in my pocket by Dr. Seuss
9. Are you my mother? by P.D.Eastman
10. Fly guy vs. the flyswatter by Tedd Arnold
11. Flat Stanley by Jeff Brown
12. Mr. Badger and Mrs fox graphic novel by Brigitte Luciani
13. Underworlds the battle begins by Tony Abbott
14. Hansel and Gretel by Amanda Askew
15. Goldilocks and the three bears by Amanda Askew
16. Cinderella by Amanda Askew
17. Sleeping beauty by Amanda Askew
18. Duck and Goose find a pumpkin by Tad Hills
19. Happy Halloween stinky face by Lisa McCourt
20. Five little pumpkins illustrated by Ben Mantle
21. What was I scared of?
22. Biscuit meets class pet
23. Everyday hero by Acton Figueroa
24. Pirates go to school by Corinne Demas
25. The busy tree by Jennifer Ward
26. Franklin's blanket
27. Race Team
28. Old new, red, blue
29. Roadwork
30. Driving buddies
31. Pinkie Promise
32. Goodnight, sleep tight
33. Franklin's neighbourhood
34. Franklin's bad day
35. Franklin rides a bike
36. The very itchy bear
37. The Genius Files by Dan Gutman
38. Winston of Churchill by Jean Davies Okimoto
39. The Ogre of Oglefort by Eva Ibbotson
40. Princes Mix-Up mystery by Carolyn Keene
41. Philippa Fisher's Fairy God sister by Liz Kessler
42. Franklin says I love you
43. Franklin and Harriet
44. Franklin and the thunderstorm
45. Franklin and the tooth fairy
46. Franklin goes to school
47. Franklin is lost
48. Franklin rides a bike
49. Ghost of the auto graveyard by Stan berenstain
50. Twinkle Twinkle time for bed
51. Brush, brush, Brush!
52. The search for the missing bones (Magic School Bus chapter book)
53. Teacher's pet by Ann M. Martin (The kids in Ms. Colman's class chapter book)
54. Peril at the pyramids (Secret in the attic) by L.A. Peacock
55. Shaping Up by Jenny Feely
56. What am I? Sophia Baker
57. Mater's birthday surprise
58. Attack of the zombies (SpongeBob SquarePants)
59. Dancing with the Star (SpongeBob SquarePants)
60. Show me the honey by Tish Rabe
61. Flat Stanley and the firehouse
62. Firefighter a word by word first reader
63. Ten on the sled by Kim Norman
64. Onnga Boonga by Frieda Wishinsky
65. Skeletons by Lily Wood
66. Odd animal helpers by Gabrielle Reyes
67. Olivia plants a garden
68. Dixie loves school pet day
69. I am Kermit the frog
70. Brush, Brush, Brush
71. What puppies do best by Laura Numeroff
72. When a dragon moves in?
73. Froggy goes to Hawaii by Jonathan London
74. The sheep in wolf's clothing by Helen Lester
75. Sitting duck by Jackie Urbanovic
76. The farm duck by Linda Bailey
77. Every cowgirl needs a horse by Rebecca Janni
78. Usborne art ideas Drawing Cartoons by Anna Milbourne
79. The 7 habits of happy kids by Sean Covey (11 copies)
80. The thirteen moons on the turtle's back Book 6
81. Grass dance
82. Women's traditional dance
83. The sun dance
84. Legend of the dreamcatcher
85. Fancy shawl dance
86. Legend of the thunderbird
87. Legend of the white buffalo
88. 12 ways to get to 11 by Eve Merriam
89. Little Polar bear and the submarine by Hans de Beer
90. 1 hunter by Pat Hutchins
91. Six-dinner sid by Inga Moore
92. One duck stuck by Phyllis Root
93. Ripley's believe it or not WOOF! Funny pet stories
94. Ripley's believe it or not Rooar! Crazy animal stories
95. Anno's magic seeds by Mitsumasa Anno
96. Nanabosho how the turtle got its shell by Joe McLellan
97. Pinkie Promise Victoria Kann
98. Topic D: Evidence and Investigation, Grade 6
99. Topic A: Air and Aerodynamics Grade 6
100. The awesome official guide to club penguin
101. Out of mind by Sharon Draper
102. My life as a book to Jake Tashjian
103. The Crowfiled curse by Pat Walsh
104. Ruby's slippers by Tricia Rayburn
105. First discovery Dogs
106. First discovery Night Creatures
107. Xtreme hockey
108. Wee witches Halloween
109. I like pumpkins by Jerry Smath
110. Fortunately, Unfortunately by Michael Foreman
111. Haunted house, haunted mouse
112. Strega Nonas harvest
113. Happy Halloween Curious George
114. Blueberry girl by Neil Gaimon
115. The Queens secret by Frieda Wishinsky
116. KIT The trait crate grade 2 (6 picture books, 6 sixteen page teaching guides, a music Cd, 6 song posters, 120 stickers, 6 expandable folders, a professional book Using picture books to teach writing with the traits: K-2)
117. The big book of reading response activities by Michael Gravois
118. Reading and writing lessons for the smart board Grades 2-3 by Karen Mawer
119. Dr. Seuss books kit (This kit contains 17 books)
120. Dr. Seuss: One fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish,
121. And to think that I saw it on Mulberry street
122. The tooth book
123. I wish I had duck feet
124. Would you rather be a bull frog
125. Mr. Brown can moo! Can you?
126. The foot book
127. Hop on pop
128. There's a wocket in my pocket
129. Are you my mother?
130. I can read with my eyes shut!
131. Green eggs and ham
132. Fox in socks
133. Oh, the thinks you can think
134. Dr. Seuss's ABC
135. The cat in the hat
136. The foot book
137. Nelson Literacy Guided Reading Lesson Plans Grade 2
138. What is a story? Traffic Jam kit
139. Sam's not scared kit
140. Iced tea for sale kit
141. When the foxes came to stay kit
142. Animals-Pocket babies kit
143. How are they different? kit
144. Hide and seek animlas kit
145. Helping horses kit
146. Celebrate traditions Happy birthday! kit
147. Lucky foods kit
148. Harvest time kit
149. Heritage festivals kit
150. Biographies: Lindsay Sears kit
151. Alaina Podmorrow kit
152. Daniel Burd kit
153. Kenojuak Ashevak kit
154. Liquids and Solids (Let it Snow] kit
155. Rivers of Fire kit
156. Gold kit
157. Ice roads kit
158. Communities [All Aboard] kit
159. From head to toe kit
160. Playing around kit
161. Eco-friendly houses kit
162. Long Ago and Far away Coyote's favourite color kit
163. The magic porridge pot kit
164. The clever farmer kit
165. The golden goose kit
166. Movement twist and turn kit
167. Ready , set, jump! kit
168. Go, Go, Go-karts kit
169. Wild rides kit
170. Air and water Up, up, and away kit
171. Hang on! kit
172. Wind farms kit
173. Oil and the oceans kit
174. Seven Habits
175. Just the way I am [Habit 1]
176. When I feel angry [Habit 1]
177. My many colored days by Dr. Seuss [Habit 1]
178. Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day [Habit 1]
179. The little engine that could [Habit 1]
180. The very busy spider [Habit 2]
181. When I grow up [Habit 2]
182. Because Brian hugs his mother by K Dyble Thompson [Habit 2]
183. Knots on a counting rope by Bill Martin [Habit 2]
184. Whistle for Willie by Ezra Jack Keats [Habit 2]
185. A house for hermit crab by Eric Carle [Habit 2]
186. Click, Clack, Moo Cows that type [Habit 2]
187. Grandpa's soup by Eiko Kadono [Habit 2]
188. Galimoto by Karen Lynn Williams [Habit 2]
189. Pancakes, Pancakes by Eric Carle [Habit 2]
190. A chair for my mother by Vea Williams [Habit 2]
191. Green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss
192. Lucky by Ellen Miles
193. Junie B Jones and the mushy gushy Valentine by Barbara Park
194. Midnight on the moon (Magic Treehouse)
195. Dark day in the deep sea (Magic Treehouse)
196. Afternoon on the Amazon (Magic Treehouse)
197. Blizzard of the blue moon (Magic Treehouse)
198. Night of the Ninjas (Magic Treehouse)
199. Nelson Literacy Guided Reading Lesson Plans Grade 3
200. Every Friday kit
201. Photo Kid kit
202. Ten Thousand Buffalo on our roof kit
203. Deepas special day kit
204. The great pumpkin plant kit
205. From flower to flower kit
206. Green and mean! kit
207. Purple invader kit
208. A new log house kit
209. Before money kit
210. Giving thanks kit
211. Pioneer jobs kit
212. On the bus kit
213. The sandwich kit
214. Handley goes home kit
215. Adventures with Ardo-X kit
216. Finding friction kit
217. Flood force kit
218. Forces in action kit
219. Animals in motion kit
220. Hi from Ontario kit
221. Our garden in the city kit
222. My Thunder Bay diary kit
223. The story of my town kit
224. The frog and the ox kit
225. The peacock and the crane kit
226. The great big enormous rock kit
227. A tale of Friendship kit
228. Living together kit
229. Snow houses kit
230. A great wall kit
231. Great dams kit
232. Holes full of moles kit
233. Farmer Jane's secrets kit
234. Soil safety kit
235. Soil from Volcanoes kit
236. Nelson Literacy Guided Reading Lesson Plans Grade 4
237. The case of cat whisperer kit
238. One eyed Jake kit
239. The clean dog boogie kit
240. Dear Mr. Winston kit
241. Desert Life kit
242. Tundra kit
243. Habitats in danger kit
244. Tidal pools kit
245. People of Medieval Times kit
246. A great invention kit
247. Help wanted kit
248. The diary of Robert FitzWilliam kit
249. Healthy ideas kit
250. Ten tips of healthy living kit
251. It's time to play kit
252. The right stuff kit
253. The long walk of a hero kit
254. The sword in the stone kit
255. The Trojan horse kit
256. Robinhood and his merry men kit
257. Sky lights kit
258. Color and light kit
259. Letting in light kit
260. Changing how we see kit
261. Canada comes together kit
262. The Appalachian highland kit
263. Everyday life in Canada's far north kit
264. An eye opening artic adventure kit
265. Sound answers kit
266. How can we change sound? Kit
267. Listen to your echo echo kit
268. Add sound to your videos kit
269. Emergency landing kit
270. Catch of the day kit
271. Runaways on the river kit
272. The high bridge kit
273. Working wheels kit
274. What are pulleys? What are gears? kit
275. Drive belts kit
276. Two useful devices kit
277. Help for Sasha kit
278. Conflict: on the table kit
279. Franck advice kit
280. Difficult dilemmas kit
281. Real rock stars kit
282. Partners in change: weathering and erosion kit
283. Building with rock kit
284. What is a mineral? Kit
285. Nelson Literacy Guided Reading Lesson Plans Grade 4
286. The snack shack mystery kit
287. Who stole grandmas' pie kit?
288. What happened to peter? kit
289. Stalling kit
290. Food factory kit
291. Video pills: science that's easy to swallow kit
292. Bacteria kit
293. Your new id kit
294. Growing up in the Mali empire kit
295. The mystery of Indus valley civilization kit
296. The samurai of Ancient japan kit
297. Mesopotamia: a land between two rivers kit
298. Start your day with breakfast kit
299. The problem with cliques kit
300. The salty truth kit
301. Energy to burn: kids and energy drinks kit
302. The white stone in the castle wall kit
303. The journal of Rose Marie Smithson kit
304. Two dollars kit
305. Boys of the deeps kit
306. Green machines kit
307. The winds of change kit
308. Riding the sun kit
309. Zoo doo: waster or resource? kit
310. Tour time on parliament hill kit
311. Ground breaker kit
312. A week with a member of parliament kit
313. Governments working together kit
314. Mighty metals kit
315. Go, gases, go kit
316. Can liquids break rules kit
317. Amazing materials kit
318. My neighbours dog is purple kit
319. The wise men of Chelm and the rock kit
320. Sisterlist kit
321. Little red, the hood kit
322. A house of cards kit
323. The extreme zone kit
324. Eiffel's beautiful monstrosity kit
325. Round and round: carousels and ferris wheels kit
326. Caring for the community kit
327. Hopping to the rescue kit
328. It takes a village kit
329. Not your average boy kit
330. Volcanoes kit
331. Joseph, John and hurricane Katrina kit
332. Tsunami alert kit
333. Wildfires and floods, Oh My! kit
334. Differentiated activities for teaching key math skills Grade 2 by Martin Lee and Marcia Miller
335. First big book of why? by Amy Shields
336. Neighbourhoods and communities Grades 1-3 (includes 10 color transparencies) by Catherine Tamblyn
337. Reading and writing lessons for the smart board Grades 4-6
338. Reading Response activities Grades 2-4 by Jane Fowler and Stephanie Newlon
339. Animals in fall preparing for winter by Martha Rustad call number 578.4 RUS
340. The little Red hen (habit 3)
341. The very hungry caterpillar (habit 3)
342. The trial off the stone a folktale (habit 3)
343. Jamaica's fin (habit 3)
344. Alexandro's gift by Richard Albert (habit 3)
345. Froggy get's dressed by Jonathan London (habit 3)
346. Brave Irene by Wiliam Steig (habit 3)
347. A salmon for Simon. (habit 3)
348. Miss Rumphius by Barbara Cooney (habit 3)
349. Clean your room,Harvey Moon (habit 3)
350. Pancakes by Eric Carle (habit 3)
351. Gingerbread baby by Jan Brett (habit 3)
352. A place for everything by Sean Covey (habit 3)
353. Grade 4 social studies
354. Module 1: Grasslands: Sacred circles and square forts [Grade 4 social studies]
355. Module 2: Grasslands: Fossil hunters and horseback adventurers
356. Module 3: Foothills: From Travois to Fifith Wheelers
357. Module 4: Rocky mountains
358. Module 5: Boreal forest
359. Module 6: Forest and shield
360. Module 7: Parkland: Many voices, many songs
361. Module 8: Parkland: Songs of soil in urban spaces
362. Module 9: Our voices: Our ways
363. Maximizing math Grade 6: workstation pack
364. Maximizing math Grade 1: Centre pack
365. Maximizing math Grade 3: Centre pack
366. Math Focus Grade 4: Teacher's resource CD ROM
367. Math focus k-9 overview
368. Math focus 4: Teacher's resource master booklet
369. Teachers resource: Chapter 1: Patterns in Mathematics
370. Teachers resource: Chapter 2: Numeration
371. Teachers resource: Chapter 3: Addition and Subtraction
372. Teachers resource: Chapter 4: Data relationships
373. Teachers resource: Chapter 5: 2-D Geometry
374. Teachers resource: Chapter 6: Multiplication and Division facts
375. Teachers resource: Chapter 7: Fractions and decimals
376. Teachers resource: Chapter 8: Measurement
377. Teachers resource: Chapter 9: Multiplying multi-digit numbers
378. Teachers resource: Chapter 10: Dividing multi-digit numbers
379. Teachers resource: Chapter 11: 3-D Geometry
380. Book, Me, I am by Jack Prelutsky (Habit 7)
381. Math Cut & Paste mini books Gr. K-1 by Nancy Sanders
382. Three tiers of positive support and intervention for behavior by Dawn Reithaug
383. Interactive whiteboard software
384. Letter of the day Grades Pre K-1 Computer program
385. Highlight the clues: comprehension activities Grades 3-4 Computer program
386. Highlight the clues: comprehension activities Grades 5-6 Computer program
387. Highlight the clues: comprehension activities Grades 1-2 Computer program
388. Plinko: Nonfiction comprehension game Grades 3-4 Computer program
389. Lily's big day by Kevin Henkes [Habit 4]
390. Alexander and the wind-up mouse by Leo Lionni [Habit 4]
391. The Moccasin Goalie by William Roy Brownridge [Habit 4]
392. Michael's golden rules by Deloris Jordan [Habit 4]
393. The butter battle book [Habit 4]
394. Green eggs and ham by Dr. Seuss [Habit 4]
395. The doorbell rang by Pat Hutchins [Habit 4]
396. Let's be enemies by Janice May Udry [Habit 4]
397. The rainbow fish by Marcus Pfister [Habit 4]
398. The crayon box that talked by Shane Derolf [Habit 4]
399. Hey, Little ant (Habit 5)
400. Thank you, Mr. Falker (Habit 5)
401. Is your mama a llama? (Habit 5)
402. Runaway Bunny (Habit 5)
403. Stellaluna (Habit 5)
404. The true story of the 3 little pigs (Habit 5)
405. Are you my mother? By P. D. Eastman (Habit 5)
406. Zen shorts (Habit 5)
407. Owen & Mzee: the true story of a remarkable friendship by Isabella Hatkoff [Habit 6]
408. Swimmy by Leo Lionni [Habit 6]
409. The biggest best snowman [Habit 6]
410. If only I had a green nose by Max Lucado [Habit 6]
411. Chicken Sunday by Patricia Polacco [Habit 6]
412. Listen to the wind: The story of Dr. Greg and three cups of tea [Habit 6]
413. The enormous turnip by Alexei Tolstoy [Habit 6]
414. Bone, Button Borscht by Aubrey Davis [Habit 6]
415. Ox- cart man by Donald Hall [Habit 6]
416. A chair for my mother [Habit 6]
417. Clifford's spring clean-up [Habit 6]
418. Stone soup retold by Jon Muth[Habit 6]
419. I looked like Split Milk [Habit 7]
420. Henry hikes to Fitchburg by D. B. Johnson [Habit 7]
421. Bagels for Benny by Aubrey Davis [Habit 7]
422. Ryan and Jimmy and the well in Africa that brought them together by Herb Shoveller The great Kapok Tree by Lynne Cherry [Habit 7]
423. Incredible you by Dr. Wayne W Dyer[Habit 7]
424. Don't let the pigeon stay up late by Mo Willems [Habit 7]
425. Owl moon by Jane Yolen [Habit 7]
426. Fredrick by Leo Lionni [Foundation Principles]
427. Bernstain bears and too much teasing [Foundation Principles]
428. Have you filled a bucket today? By Carol McCloud [Foundation Principles]
429. The oak inside the acorn [Foundation Principles]
430. Alexander and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day by Judith Viorst [Foundation Principles]
431. The Chuck Wagon lunch Wheels and levers Grade 4
432. The Chuck Wagon lunch Waste and our world Grade 4
433. The Chuck Wagon lunch Light and shadows Grade 4
434. The Chuck Wagon lunch Building devices and vehicles that move Grade 4
435. The Chuck Wagon lunch Plant growth and changes Grade 4
436. Daily word ladders Grades 2-3 by Timothy V. Rasinski
437. Neighbourhoods and communities Grades 1-3 by Catherine Tamblyn
438. SMART Board lessons Math word problems Grades 3- 6
439. SMART Board lessons expository writing Grades 3-6
440. SMART Board lessons persuasive writing Grades 3-6
441. SMART Board lessons narrative writing Grades 3-6
442. SMART Board lessons Capitalization and Punctuation Grades 3-6
443. Diary of a Wimpy kid by Jeff Kinney
444. Beginning reading for older students Grades 4-8 by Gloria Lapin (30 reproducible high interest emergent skills stories for the classroom and the home.)
445. I spy a Candy cane
446. I see a leaf
447. Leaves
448. Mom the school flooded
449. Neighbourhoods and communities