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Monday, 24 September 2012

Using Call Numbers to find books and resources

Using Call Numbers to find books and resources

Call number Meaning Location

E Easy reading (Gr.K-3) 3 rows of shelves
Picture books

Organized by
• Last name of author. Example: E CAR (E= Easy reading CAR=Carle, Eric author)
• Most of the books are marked with Accelerated Reading program level stickers
• Accelerated Reading levels stickers on the spines of the book stand for:
o Red: Level 1
o Purple: Level 2
o Yellow: Level 3
o Orange: Level 4
o Green: Level 5
o Blue: Level 6

• AR Book find website:

• Guided Reading AZ Correlation chart

• Guided Reading Kits have multiple copies of the book and a lesson plan. Kits for listening centers have a book and a audio form of a book (cassette or a CD or a DVD). They are kept in transparent bags with a red handle

Call number Meaning Location

F Fiction (Gr.3-6) 1 rows of shelves, blue shelf with wheels
Fiction and chapter books

Organized by
• Last name of author. Example: F OSB (F= Easy reading OSB=Osborne, Mary author)
• Novel study kits are kept in the textbook room

Call number Meaning Location

NONFIC Non Fiction (Gr.3-6) 4 rows of shelves
NF Fact books

Organized by
• Dewey Decimal Classification and the last name of author. Example: 597.3 THO
597.3 stands for Sharks
THO stands for authors name Thomson, Sarah

• List of the main sections of Dewey Decimal Classification are as follows.

Class 000 – Computer science, information & general works
Class 100 – Philosophy & psychology
Class 200 – Religion
Class 300 – Social sciences
Class 400 – Language
Class 500 – Science
Class 600 – Technology
Class 700 – Arts & recreation
Class 800 – Literature
Class 900 – History & geography

• Nonfiction books are also marked with Accelerated Reading levels stickers

Call number Meaning Location

PR Professional 1 rows of shelves

Resources for teachers are marked with PR and then arranged by Dewey Decimal Classification.