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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Books given to students for achieving their vocabulary goals

Theresa Ermineskin is working with the students to develop a list of Cree words they know by doing a brainstorming group activity with them. Each time they did this she gave them a stamp to work towards an incentive. In the beginning, she only asked for twenty words from them. This was easily achieved so her students started challenging themselves by giving her way more than twenty Cree words. She created an incentive chart and it was filled. On October 24th, she hosted a celebration by providing a Pizza Party for two classes to celebrate their wonderful team effort. The two classes that are celebrating with pizzas are 3J-Erin Josephs class with 102 Cree words and 3/4M-Sandra Mah's class with 111 Cree words. All other classes still get a treat for their great efforts. The library connected by giving books to these two classes for celebrating their goals for learning the Cree words on October 24th at 11:30 am.