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Friday, 12 October 2012

Precision reading

Precision reading focus is on teaching:

1. memorization of sight words,
2. fluency (speed, accuracy, and flow), and
3. reading for meaning (comprehension).

Other vocabulary development strategies

Concept builders and word maps by Frayer, Frederick & Klausmeir (1969)

Graphic organizers and mind maps by Barron(1969) and Schwartz & Raphael (1985)

Idea mapping and diagrams by Armbuster & Anderson (1982) and Moline (1996)

Keyword method by Levin (1983)

List group method by Johnson & Pearson (1984)

Possible sentences by Moore & Moore (1986)

Vocabulary overview guide by Carr (1985)

Word cycle by Szabos & Filkins (1984)

Word splash by Saphier & Haley (1993)


Precision Reading: Instructors Source book by Rick Freeze

Precision Reading: Instructors Hand book by Rick Freeze

Passage Power For Grades 1,2 & 3 cd (Reading passages)

Passage Power For Grades 4,5,6 cd (Language arts passages)

Passage Power For Grades 4,5,6 cd (Science and Social Studies passages)