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Wednesday, 24 October 2012

DEAR program routine

Preparation for a classroom or school DEAR program involves an introduction to the three principal rules for uninterrupted sustained silent reading.

1. Everyone must read - all students, teachers, teaching assistants, office staff, and administrators - with no exceptions. The emphasis is on reading for pleasure.

2. No interruptions - DEAR is an uninterrupted, silent, independent, and sustained reading activitywithout halt or hindrance. This means no questions, no comments, no taking, no telephone rings, no public-address system announcements, no coming and going, not even the teacher.

3. No reporting - DEAR is a free reading period where the accent is on reading enjoyment. When invited, students may choose to share what they have read, but they are never required to report on their readings.

The teacher may wish to encourage students to share their reading experiences in one or more of the following ways.

1. Keep a journal in response to their reading,

2. Share ideas about the books they are reading at a "peer conference,"

3. Advertise their favourite book and give a reading from the class "author's chair," or
keep a log of the books and number of pages they have read.

Source: From pages 111- 113 from Precision Reading Instructor's Handbook by Rick Freeze