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Monday, 1 October 2012

October is 'Libraries Connect' month

People! Ideas! Communities! Information! Canada's libraries foster connections between people, ideas, communities, and information.

In October, these connections will be celebrated during Canadian Library Month. The theme, Libraries Connect, highlights how libraries enable people to connect with others, foster the development of ideas, and promote the growth of strong communities. For generations, libraries and librarians have worked at the grass roots level, providing access to current information, bringing forward new programs and ideas to share, leading and supporting communities as they grow.
While always evolving to meet the needs of Canadians, engaging in new technologies like e‐books, Facebook, Twitter, and providing access to varieties of formats for different learning styles, etc., libraries continue to be at the centre of their communities, a place where people learn, engage and connect with each other.

Library month celebration in my school and community: