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Monday, 1 October 2012

Impact of TDSRC 2012

Connections made as a result of the TDSRC 2012

1. Prairie Tales and Alberta Culture Days celebration Filmmakers Jesse and Xtine
presented on September 28 at the Ermineskin Mall.
(Film makers Zoe and Bailey presented at the Week 3 of TDSRC)

2. IODE to provide $300/month for the Breakfast and Books book club

3. Students excited about reading

4. Community Partnerships with banks, local businesses, and government agencies:

5. Promoting literacy by using TDSRC materials
• Grade 2a:
• Grade 3s:
• Grade 2d:
• Grade 2k:
• Grade 2l:

6. Encouraging volunteerism and creating capacity and I am seeing many volunteers emerging from the community.

7. Reading is an essential skills day was celebrated on September 21, 2002 and books were distributed to First Nation families.

8. Ermineskin Reads to celebrate october as Libraries Connect month.

9. Watch the library connecting at the Soup Kitchen, mall, etc.